Affordable headshots in Atlanta?

Affordable headshots in Atlanta?

What are affordable headshots?

And how do you get them.

“Affordable headshots in Atlanta” is one of the top keyword search terms—or phrases—related to headshots in the Atlanta area. The question I’d like to explore is: What’s an affordable headshot, and are “affordable” headshots good headshots? Of course some of this is subjective, but not all of it. headshots atlanta

I think yes and no. Affordable headshots can be good headshots, but often what people mean when searching for affordable headshots is “cheap” headshots.

And I do consider ckheadshots to be affordable, but:

It’s important to consider the difference between cheap and affordable.

There are a whole lot of people out there with cameras that market themselves as pro photographers. But in truth, many of them really aren’t. They’ve gotten mixed up by a culture that suggests that all you need are a few pieces of equipment, a web page, and a supportive family to consider yourself a professional.

I know this because, years ago, I was one of them.

And let me tell you, I would NEVER recommend you getting your headshots taken by the 15 years ago me. Although, fifteen years ago, I thought I was the greatest thing since sliced bread (pardon the cliche).

There is sooooooo much about photography—I can’t stress this enough—that comes with experience. Not to mention a good natural eye. Unless you’re in need of a simple passport photo or don’t really care how you look but are simply trying to fulfill a requirement, a good headshot photographer is not going to be cheap.

Picasso was once asked (I’m paraphrasing) to draw a woman’s portrait. He did it in a single stroke. The lady asked how much? Picasso replied, five thousand dollars. She was stunned and said, “but it only took you a few seconds. He replied, but it took me a lifetime to learn to do it in a few seconds.

But they should be affordable.

You should be able to get a good single retouched shot for no more than 200 dollars—depending on your location. Anything below 100 and your dealing with either a amateur trying to build a portfolio or an in and out shop that could care less about capturing the real you, and kiss anything creative good-by.  These things take time. A thought out creative image, well retouched just can’t be done for that amount.

I would say that anything above 500 for a good 5 shots is too much. I do a three shot package for 300, which is about average, but still a little low. I’m not saying that to convince you of anything, It’s low because the bar has been lowered so far by these fly-by-night types a good retail photographer can hardly earn a living with out lowering rates.

So how do you get affordable headshots? How do you avoid the cheap. Well the first thing I’ll say, and this is going to be shameless—if you’re in Atlanta, call me. Yes I said it. But it’d true! I offer the best headshots in town for the price.

But, if you have other ideas in mind, try the following:

Look over the photographers works and compare their work to pro work you see in magazines and online; interview the photographer, If they sound smart and have a good portfolio—they’re probably pretty good. Ask how long it takes them to shoot and retouch. Does it seem like a little bit of money for the time x experience? Too much? Remember what Picasso said. You get the idea.

These are just a few things to keep in mind.

If you’re interested in headshots please feel free to contact me. I offer a consultation with every shoot, and am happy to answer any questions. My studio is located in Buckhead just between Buckhead and Midtown in Atlanta.

Have a good one!


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