Atlanta Portrait and Headshot Photographer: Tips

Atlanta Portrait and Headshot Photographer: Tips

Atlanta Portrait and Headshot Photographer: Portrait and Headshots Tips

In this post I’m going to summarize some of what you’ll find in the headshot tips section. You can also view my how to prepare section or portfolio for more of what you’ll find below. Or contact me with any questions.

Remember, even the most simple headshot or portrait, for example, on a solid background, is an art. Expect your photographer (hopefully me) to know this too. A good set of headshots will both show you at your best and transfer your image, by photo, to a particular audience. View my portfolio here to see some of the ways I’ve achieved this.

Pay attention to your wardrobe. Avoid crazy pattens or anything that will distract from your face. This is most important for actors but is a rule that doesn’t necessary apply to portraits or often can be overlooked if you’re going for a more stylized look. Ask me for details.

Do you want to shoot in studio or on location? Do you want an environmental portrait or a solid white background? Do you want to include a bit of your office? Do you have the space to shoot on location? I’ll help you decide if this is reasonable or not. But always ask if you have questions.

Remember to tell me what you are trying to communicate to your audience. If you have the time, and have seen work you’d like to emulate, pass it along. If you don’t know what you want to communicate explain a little about you and I’ll help you discern this. You can check out some of various styles here on the site by clicking here.

Remember that I have photoshop. Although you want to look your best, I can handle a lot of what you don’t want to show in the retouching process.  So don’t freak out about a few blemishes here or there.


If you want to achieve a particular look, or want to produce a shot with a location or resources you don’t have access to. always ask. Maybe there is an effective way to do this in studio, for example, on green screen. A good photographer will have a little magic up his sleeve.


I will help you pose. A good photographer will help you pose. Just relax if you’re inexperienced in this area. Posing is really a matter of taking you in your relaxed state and tweaking things here or there to create the most pleasing composition.


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