Business Headshots: Tips

Business Headshots: Tips

I’m just going to write this post out as a series of bullet points. Better to just get to the point and avoid the fluff. Some of the suggestions are pretty basic but you’d be surprised to hear how often they are overlooked. Below are some tips for getting the best out of your business headshots:

Start with the basics. Tell your photographer what your expectations are—what you want.

Tell your photographer how and where the photo will be used.

Drink water and be well rested before the shoot.

Wear clothes that you feel confident in and lend to what you are trying to portray. Ask for help here if you have questions.

Usually turtle necks or shirts with strange necklines are not good for headshots.

Avoid busy patterns and pure white.

Avoid jewelry in most cases. If you want to wear it keep it simple.

In most cases you want to keep your make-up fairly natural.

Try and arrive ready to take photos, with the exception of slight grooming. If you can’t do this let the photographer know.

Be prepared to pose a little. It’s your photographers job to guide you here. And it’s very easy and usually very subtle. Just go with the flow.


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