green screen headshot with location background—in studio

green screen headshot with location background—in studio

Green screen headshot with location background—in studio

Perhaps you’re after a headshot with a particular background but it’s just not practically possible. (a quick note: done poorly, this technique can go silly really quickly. The process requires a little forethought to pull off realistically. Just keep this in mind before hiring that guy from craigslist). So, here’s a quick example of what can be done with background replacement. I’m asked about this occasionally. A client came to me wanting a “downtown” window view in the background of his headshot. Logistics made it hard to do the shoot on location so I suggested we shoot him in studio, against all white background, and then replace the white background with a cityscape in photoshop.  And so we did. I added a bit of a window glare to try and sell the effect. The key is to light the subject according to where the added in window will eventually be. I think It sells the effect pretty well. Although I tend to prefer the real thing when possible—being on location—done well, I think chroma-key/background replacement  can do just fine. The moral of the story is: a lot can be done in studio. If you’re after a particular look but logistics make it a difficult deal to pull off on location it still may possible. Inquire and I’ll be happy to answer questions.


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