It’s in the eyes: Headshot Tip.

It’s in the eyes: Headshot Tip.

Confidence, or the lack there of, shows through the eyes. This is an extremely important headshot tip. Because the still camera captures images moment by moment, you need to make that moment count. And the difference can be made with the expression in your eyes. Fear and a lack of confidence are often associated with wide eyes.

wide eyes

When we are surprised or fearful our eyes tend to go wide. So, very simply, if you can, you want to practice what they call eye control. This may sound crazy or a little confusing or even a little silly but try and pay a little attention to what your eyes are doing before your photographer takes the picture. You’re photographer should help you with this. The trick is to keep it somewhat subtle. You don’t want to shut your eyes (obviously) or look like you’re falling asleep—you want it to look natural. The idea is this: with your eyes open, close the distance between your eye lids a little by bringing your lower lid up. This is a very common technique. Look at photos of the famous folks and you’ll see this repeatedly. Give it a try.



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