A little about location and corporate group sessions

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A little about location and corporate group sessions

A couple of CK Headshots specialties are location shoots and corporate group sessions. In fact I’m often doing both together – shooting corporate groups while at their location. But there’s a special art to these kinds of shoots. I discuss this below. ” Location and corporate group sessions are a big part of what I do these days. Doing multiple subjects on location is kind of an art in itself. A photographer needs two important skill sets. He needs to be well versed in equipment and techniques that aid in creating beautifully lit photos, with studio level quality, outside of the studio. And he needs to know how to capture great headshots or portraits in a small amount of time, and how to manage that time to fit in any number of subjects.

With respect to the technical and artists end, these location shoots often need to be done in cramped or less than optimal conditions. Lenses, lighting equipment, back drop type, post production knowhow, all come in to play when planning a shoot like this. For example portraits are typically more flattering when taken with a telephoto lens. A client may have several spaces to choose from for shooting on sight. Maybe one is physically larger and less cluttered, and the other is smaller with more clutter but has a longer continuous run of space. It’s hard to shoot with a telephoto lens in a short space. So if given a choice, I’d suggest the longer but smaller space if available.  Only a photographer experienced in location shooting is going to know stuff like this. And there’s a really long list of things to remember to take in to account, trust me.

The logistics have their own set of difficulties: How do you shoot a whole office full of people in very limited time? A photographer needs to know how long on average it takes to capture quality photos of each individual. He needs to know what kind of lighting set up will be most efficient—easy to alter for each subject, etc. These things come only with experience.

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