Six ways to ruin your headshots (mostly for actors)

Don’t ruin your headshots! Below are 6 things, for actors, to avoid that will totally ruin your headshots.


1. Get your headshots done by someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. 

This will totally ruin your headshots. It’s important that you shoot with someone who dosen’t make you feel awkward or the shots will look forced. You need a relaxed environment. If your environment is tense, this will show in your final photos. 


2. Let the “guy with the camera” do it. 

What’s called a guy with a camera by models, is not what you want. Nor do you want the novice starting out who’s had their confidence built up after showing a few good photos but has no idea how to really capture a persons uniqueness. Studio lighting is an art. It takes a lot of trial and error. Even with natural light, there are things that only experience teaches you. I’m not saying photography is rocket science, just that it is an art—a craft that one gets better at with time. 

3. Wear the wrong clothes. 

Giant logos, comic book characters, bad idea. Keep it simple so that you are the star of the show. …

4. Try to be a model. 

Don’t try to emulate a model. Be only the best version of your self. No more. By that I mean there are a few posing tricks a good photographer will introduce you to that will simply make the natural you look like the best  you on camera. 

5. Let the wrong people pick your Headshots.

Sometimes it’s best to leave certain things up to the person or people most personally removed from the situation to make an objective artistic decision. That may be your photographer, or your agent, or a friend in the business. But don’t let someone pick your headshot for you who has no idea what industry standard is. Our someone who is not first focused on which shot will appeal to casting directors or your intended audience. 

6. Look like someone other than yourself. 

Very simply: you want to look like you. Casting directors want to see you. That’s the ultimate point in a headshot. If you’re covered with make up to the point that your natural features are totally obscured, or you have your eye color changed in photoshop, you may be in for a rude awaking when the casting director dent recognize you. But this dent mean you can’t or shouldn’t wear make up. Of course you can. But keep it natural. This doesn’t mean you’re photos should be left totally untouched. Of course not, photoshop is your friend. It just has to be used in the right way to get rid of the right things. 

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