Subtext in a headshot?

Subtext in a headshot?

You may be an actor, you may not be. If you are, you most likely know what subtext is. If you aren’t, and you don’t know, you’ll know what it is after reading this post. Subtext is simply the information found “between the lines”. Often what’s unspoken or directly communicated yet suggested when viewing the parts together as a whole. Guess what. Headshots, good ones at least, contain subtext. As a matter of fact, the simplistic nature of a headshot leaves subtext with the job of doing most of the work. Which way is your head tilted? Toward camera? Is your shoulder tilted this way too? Are you’re shoulders square? Is your head tilted back? All of these things suggest something. Subtext is your friend. And there’s a fine line in the headshot world between creating the right subtext and over doing it. That’s where I come in. Or any good headshot photographer comes in for that matter. You should be able to tell your photographer what you want to get across and they should be able to translate your vision, through posing and/or whatever other means necessary, in a subtle way, into the language of the image. This goes for actors, entertainers, business folks, whatever. If you want to look strong, there’s a way to do that. Soft and delicate—there’s a way to do that too. Make sure to communicate what you want with your photographer.

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