A Typical Headshot Session

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A Typical Headshot Session

A Typical Headshot Session

What to expect.

I guess it goes with out saying that sessions very depending on the particular needs and wants of individual clients, but generally here’s what to expect during a typical headshot session.

Keep in mind that if you’d like to simply defer to me, I’m more than happy to accept your trust in the process. Just let me know. Otherwise expect the following:

First thing I usually do is make sure we are on the same page with respect to what you’re trying to achieve with your photos—what kind of mood you’re looking for—what you’re trying to communicate. Then I’ll ask you, if you haven’t sent any samples, if you have any preference for particular backgrounds, etc. or if you’d like to leave the whole thing up to me. If you’ve brought several wardrobe items I’ll take a look at those and then together we’ll decide which best suits you and the over all image.

I’ll then adjust lights accordingly. I’ll have you stand in to get the lighting right. When everything’s ready I”ll make it clear that we are ready to start the actual session. As we move along I’ll guide you through the process, tweaking your pose or posture or doing whatever I need to to help you show you. The point is to capture you the way you want yourself to be portrayed. I’ll show you photos as we move along to make sure you’re liking what we’re getting. I’ll ask for your input: what do you and don’t you like? Is there anything in particular you’d like to tweak. I may adjust lighting.

business and executive portraiture and headshots: who are you?I find sometimes that after shooting for a few minutes it becomes clear that a a few adjustments to the lighting set-up are necessary to capture you accurately as different lighting works better for particular face shape, size, etc.

portrait photographer atlantaAfter all is said and done I’ll send you a link to a gallery of your photos. You’ll choose your favorites (or I will if you prefer) and let me know what they are. Now’s the time to let me know if there are any particulars you’d like retouched. I’ll then retouch your images and send them back to you with a final invoice. It usually takes me a couple of days to retouch and get the images back to you. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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